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Research and Evaluation

Through research, we endeavor to test theories and hypotheses, or discover something new; evaluation is the means to translate that information into knowledge. The challenge today, however, surpasses the rigor of methodology to ensure that analyses and findings are used in appropriate and significant ways.  At ETP we go beyond the question of whether a program has attained its stated goals. We examine planning, implementation, processes and procedures, expected and unexpected consequences, outcomes, and long-term impacts; we create a mechanism for achieving and acting within an educated and meaningful decision-making process.

FOCUS (Families, Officers and Corrections Understanding Stress)

There is overwhelming evidence that stress is an important contributor to the abnormally high incidence of health and relationship problems among corrections personnel. A survey instrument was developed to collect key data on work and family stress; in-service skills-based training was delivered; educational resource materials were developed and disseminated; and a follow-up survey will be administered. With funding from the National Institute of Justice, ETP partnered with the CT Department of Corrections and The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in this demonstration project that has become a best practice model for use by other municipalities.

U.S. Marine Corps, Outcome Measurement Evaluation

As mission and funding priorities change within the military, ETP has conducted an outcome evaluation of the Clinical Preceptorship Program (CPP) to justify continued Department of Defense funding of this program. CPP provides clinical supervision for substance abuse treatment professionals and paraprofessional counselors within the Marines. This project consisted of capturing baseline and subsequent data from counselors, clients, and commanders; and providing analysis on the findings. Click here to review the study

Women's Education Network

WEN, a mid-western based, privately funded project, was created to provide mentoring and financial resources to educate women who are motivated to improve their lives but who are burdened by poverty, childcare responsibilities, and a background of abuse or other debilitating experiences. ETP has been working with WEN since its inception to develop and implement an evaluation to map and analyze program milestones and outcomes in order to identify meaningful indicators for future successful program replication.

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