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On-Line Web Course Registration

Because of current Connecticut Certification Board requirements, these courses may only be used for re-certification or to build personal knowledge.  They are not currently accepted for initial certification. Course descriptions are below.

Step 1.  Each course has a required text (see below).  You may obtain the texts in several ways:

  • Call Baystate Professional Book Service, Inc. toll-free at 888-396-9995.   There is no shipping charge.

  • Buy the text online at web sites such as

    NOTE:  Ordering from these sources may take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

  • Check with a nearby college or university bookstore.  These texts are often used in college courses.

  • Call THE CENTER at 860-610-4646 or 800-441-9926 and order the text. THE CENTER accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and purchase orders from authorized organizations.   Texts must be picked up from THE CENTER in East Hartford.

  • Try a college or university library.  You may be able to borrow the text or use it at the library.

  • Check with colleagues to see if they have the required text and are willing to let you borrow it.

Step 2.  Fill in the form below and submit.   Registration fees are $25 for Ethics for Re-certification, and $45 for Counseling Theories in Practice.  Within two business days you will receive an e-mail with the web site location of the course and instructions how to pay the registration fee(s).  Follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive and at the course web site to take the course and also to obtain credit for taking the course. 

Please provide the following contact information:

Required: Name


Required: Street address
Address (cont.)
Required:  City
Required: State/Province
Required: Zip/Postal code
Work Phone
Alternate Phone
Required: E-mail

Please highlight the name of the Web Course(s) for which you are registering by clicking on the title(s) below. To select more than one, hold the control key while making multiple selections:

Course Name

Course descriptions:

Ethics for Re-certification - Web-C311

  • This course is specially designed to meet the requirements of re-certification. This course provides two hours of re-certification credit.

Counseling Theory in Practice - Web-C350

  • This web-based independent study course is designed to meet 10 hours of re-certification requirements, or to help you review basic counseling theories for the IC&RC certification exam.

Required Texts (see above for ordering information):

For Ethics for Re-certification, the required text is: Critical Incidents: Ethical Issues in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment by: William L. White

For Counseling Theories in Practice, the required text is Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 5th Edition by: Gerald Corey

Current Courses:
Note: Username & Password is required to access these courses

Ethics for Re-certification - Web-C311

Counseling Theory in Practice - Web-C350


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